Frogs and Toads

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Recordings from The Calls of Frogs and Toads by Lang Elliott
01 bull frog (Native to Chicagoland area)
02 pig frog
03 green frog (Native to Chicagoland area)
04 wood frog (Native to Chicagoland area)
05 mink frog
06 carpenter frog
07 florida bog frog
08 plains leopard frog (Native to Chicagoland area?)
09 s leopard frog
10 n leopard frog (Native to Chicagoland area)
11 pickerel frog (Native to Chicagoland area?)
12 gopher frog
13 crawfish frog (Native to Chicagoland area?)
14 river frog
15 green treefrog (Native to Chicagoland area?)
16 pine barrens treefrog
17 barking tree frog
18 squirrel treefrog
19 pinewoods treefrog
20 gray treefrog (Native to Chicagoland area)
21 Copes' Gray treefrog (Native to Chicagoland area?)
22 bird-voiced treefrog
23 spring peeper (Native to Chicagoland area)
24 ornate chorus frog
25 strecker's chorus frog
26 little grass frog
27 western chorus frog (Native to Chicagoland area)
28 southern chorus frog
29 Brimley's chorus frog
30 mountain chorus frog
31 northern cricket frog
32 southern cricket frog
33 american toad (Native to Chicagoland area)
34 southern toad
35 gulf coast toad
36 fowler's toad (Native to Chicagoland area?)
37 great plains toad (Native to Chicagoland area?)
38 oak toad
39 Eastern spadefoot
40 Plains spadefoot
41 Eastern narrowmouth toad
42 great plains narrowmouth toad
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